Saturday, June 7, 2008

That's Hot.

The highest temperature I observed today was the display in my car: 97. Yuck. I've been "moist" all day. Our air conditioner has had a limp for a few days, and yesterday it decided it just couldn't keep up. For most of the week, it stayed within five degrees of the target temperature, but yesterday it was set on 72 and reached 84, so a repair guy's coming on Monday. It was new last summer, so who knows what the problem is. Hopefully something easy and fast.

I went out to the grocery store early this morning to get a few things, including charcoal so Hubs could smoke some meat in his (former water heater) smoker. On my way out, I saw a yard sale at a house down the street, so Big Girl and I went to check it out after I returned. We found some beautiful wood furniture that was already sold - figures - but we did score a nice train table, in good condition, with a storage bin full of wooden tracks, trains, and accessories. It was a great deal, and both kids are ecstatic. It will go in Two's room, once we finish a little cleaning and maintenance (minimal, really - it would be fine, but we want to reinforce a couple of places just in case). I don't think we would have considered a new one, given the price, but this one was a wonderful bargain and will keep them occupied for hours.

Big Girl helped me water her herb garden and flowers after that, and then we went to swim at my parents' house. The water was wonderfully warm, and yet so refreshing given the heat. Both kids paddled around wearing water wings and clutching floats until they were worn out, and then we had lunch before I brought them home. Two passed out in the car, snoring softly with his mouth open, and Big Girl happily went down for a nap once we got home as well.

Live Free or Die Hard - actually kind of fun. Hubs has been on a Die Hard kick lately, and really wanted me to watch this one with him since I had never seen him. He described it as "John McClane meets Swordfish," and that's a pretty accurate description. The hacker character played by Justin Long, the "Mac" guy from the commercials, has a fun rapport with Bruce Willis' character, and there were a lot of fun connections and action sequences. Hubs was happy that I watched something he wanted to watch, and enjoyed it, since lately I haven't been in the mood to watch some of his favorites (I get burned out on Deadliest Catch and Dirty Jobs, and I've never liked Ax Men or Man Vs. Wild - what can I say?).

It's 82 in the house now, at 9 pm. I picked up yet another box fan late this afternoon, so now there's one in each bedroom and one in the den. Two gets terribly hot and sweaty in his room - he's a hot sleeper anyway, and I feel so bad for him. I put him to bed with a huge sippy cup of ice water, and one for Big Girl too. I'm looking forward to several hours of air conditioned comfort at church in the morning.

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