Friday, June 20, 2008

Big money! Big money!

I am having a yard sale again tomorrow. Every time I have one, I swear I will never have another one, and then a few months go by, and the memory fades, and I collect more junk and decide to do it again. Here's hoping this one won't be as cold and poorly-attended as the last one I had. Instead I'll be sweating, but maybe I'll make some money on stuff I don't need anymore. I'm having it at my parents' house since they're more centrally located. My single yard sale at my house was a bomb because no one wants to drive to my house - too far out of the way.

I'm selling the double stroller. Two is walking reliably now, and Big Girl's just too tall and lanky for it, and since we moved I haven't used it very often. I'm sad to see it go, however. Sad to sell the bedrails off of Big Girl's bed, too. They're growing up. I've been having a major case of babylust lately. I want another, but I know this isn't the best time to try.

Big Girl spent the afternoon with my dad, which enabled me to get a little more done without her "helpful" assistance. Now if Two would just wake up from his lengthy nap, I'd be able to take the last carload of stuff to my parents' house. I don't want to wake up such a sweet sleeping boy, so I wait.

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