Thursday, June 5, 2008


Big Girl and I had a delightful time planting flowers in the front yard this morning while Two ran around with balloons and drove his John Deere Farm Tractor & Trailer in the driveway. I'll take photos tomorrow. We planted a lot of impatiens (pink and white) in cute little pots decorated with animal and flower stickers, and then in the ground, in front of Big Girl's herb garden, some daylilies, a lily, a lantana, and lots of petunias. All in yellow, plus some additional petunias in white and purple. Big Girl has a hard time with wanting to help and not being as gentle as she needs to be with the plants, but she's very enthusiastic and loves to feel like she's helping. I try to ask her to do things that help me, that she can manage, that don't result in broken plants and/or pots. She's also a champ with her watering can. She has her own, smaller and easier for her to handle.

We all got hot and dirty, then cleaned up before lunch, and after Two's nap we went to my grandmother's house for homemade ice cream (delicious!) to celebrate her birthday. Big Girl and Two each selected a balloon at the store, and Big Girl also made a picture to hang on her great-grandmother's fridge. Two also got to see tractors, always a highlight of his trip, and he watched my dad baling hay into large round bales. We visited the barn so both kids could pretend to drive the tractors that weren't in use today, and the kids played with their cousin, a cute little blond-curled cherub who's a few months younger than Two, who also stopped by with birthday wishes to get a sample of the ice cream. Aside from a brief dispute over toy possession, they had a lovely time playing together.

The kids were worn out and collapsed soon after dinner. Two was glad to go to bed and gave me an enthusiastic "Night, night, Mommy!" when I put him to bed. Big Girl insisted she didn't want to go to bed, but quickly fell asleep on the floor in front of the television. I left her there until Hubs got home, so he could see her (and take pictures of her). I've heard stories of him doing the same thing when he was little. What a wonderful day!

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