Thursday, June 5, 2008

My eyes aren't awake yet.

We don't have to go anywhere early this morning, and yet my darling Big Girl demanded that I get up at 6:30. After Hubs had already woken me up at 5:30, 5:50, and 6:00 looking for various missing items. He loses things, a lot, and I find myself increasingly unsympathetic. This morning it was his cell phone and something else. I don't remember - the bright overhead light was too strong for me to really pay attention to him.

Big Girl is playing with her crayons while her brother polishes off breakfast. She doesn't just color. Her crayons have personalities and conversations and adventures. She started off coloring a picture to take to her great-grandmother, who is celebrating her birthday today, but it sounds like the crayons are gossiping again now.

Two ate a deliciously unhealthy breakfast this morning. His Bad Mommy served him leftover Papa John's Apple Sweet Treat, which he devoured with great gusto and stickiness. We're out of bread, so I couldn't make him toast, and he's been turning his nose up at yogurt, oatmeal, and most other offerings recently. I knew he would eat this. Big Girl ate a big bowl of cottage cheese, in case you were wondering, and then announced she was full and didn't want anything else. And juice - they're both drinking the beloved juice. Water is met with revulsion and a big tantrum these days. Two wants juice, and he'll tell you, repeatedly and loudly: "Mommeeee! Jooooos!"

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