Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Portable again!

I've been laptopless for many weeks now, since my dad's old laptop bit the dust. It was really old, and it wasn't always treated nicely by Big Girl and Two, and it died a sad, sudden death. At that time, my mother said she would buy herself a new laptop and give me her old one, which isn't brand new, but it's a lot newer than the one I had, and they let me use it for free, so I'm not complaining. Mom's new laptop showed up last week, and then she did a bunch of stuff on her old one to get it ready for me - reinstalling things, updating things, etc. - and so now, finally, I have a laptop that I can use again. This pleases me.

Now I just need to get Hubs to make it talk nicely with our wireless network, and I'm set. I'll be back to my usual routine of watching teevee and using my computer while Hubs complains that I ignore him and spend too much time on that ($*@&# laptop. Good times. And I should be able to connect from the back deck, too, so I can sit outside and do work - probably with a nice box fan blowing on me so the heat is bearable. And a nice cold drink. Yes, that should be good.

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