Monday, June 9, 2008

Cool Air! Yay!

We finally got the man who installed the a/c late last summer to come and check it out. He put in more freon, and cold air is coming out now. The unit shouldn't have needed freon so soon, but while he was here, a thunderstorm blew in, so he'll come back another time to figure out the source of the problem. For now I'm just glad that the house is cooling down!

Big Girl and Two have been sleeping since about 6 pm. I guess they played hard with their grandmother today. Big Girl fell asleep in the car on the way home, and Two played limp when we came inside and refused to stand up, so he went to bed, too. Apparently they will sleep through the night, since it's 9 pm now and they're both out.

In other news, Two went to the doc this morning and got medicine for his sinus infection. Hopefully he'll be less snotty and more chipper in no time!

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Shannie said...

We had to have ours repaired/serviced yesterday... Not the time for your a/c to go out... It's been like 100-101 here. Ouch.