Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's late, and I should be asleep.

But obviously I'm not. I got ticked off at Hubs because he wants a new, huge, expensive television for Father's Day and I don't think he's being realistic. I don't plan to get him the television he wants, either, since our current television works and I can think of better ways to spend that kind of money. Lots of ways, which are closer to the "need" end of the spectrum than that television, which is pretty far toward "want" if you ask me. So I was snide, and I got out of sorts, and now I've been sitting at my desk playing with ribbon, making pretty things for Big Girl to wear in her hair* for the last two hours. Finally I'm closer to the sleepy end of the spectrum than the annoyed one.

*That is, wear in her hair for five minutes at most, before removing the lovely item, dismantling her carefully brushed and styled hair, and tossing the pretty thing aside. If I'm lucky, she leaves the hair alone long enough for me to capture photographic evidence that she does not, in fact, have wild hair falling in her face all the time.

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