Friday, June 13, 2008

Blanket Fort! And those pesky alligators

Big Girl asked me this morning to help her make a tent, so I brought a couple of kitchen table chairs into the den and put a blanket over the top. Instant blanket fort! She's camped out with a pillow and some stuffed animals, and making up some sort of story involving alligators.

Speaking of alligators, we've had a real problem with them lately. You see, a pack of imaginary alligators has moved in underneath Big Girl's bed, and she's rather apprehensive about their intentions. Hubs and I have chased them away several times, but Big Girl still sees them occasionally, so we have to be watchful. This pack of alligators seems to have a great deal of interest in Big Girl's toes. Fortunately the dust ruffle on the bed has alligator-repelling properties, so even if they come back, they won't be able to come out, and Hubs and I will just chase them off again.

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