Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A brief post in which I whine too much

My body hurts. Particularly my legs, and more particularly the backs of my legs just above my ankles. Probably because I ran around doing lots of things during VBS yesterday, and I wasn't wearing particularly supportive shoes. I feel the untimely loss of my brown leather walking sandals, which I wore everywhere on my honeymoon, particularly keenly. As a pup, Quinn got ahold of them and chewed them into uselessness. And I've never been able to replace them with a pair of sandals that equaled their supportiveness, comfort, and attractiveness. So I'm left with several attractive pairs that make my legs hurt the next day.

VBS is going fairly well. I'm learning lots of lessons to apply for next year, when I'll be involved in the planning from the beginning instead of coming in later and trying to figure things out. Big Girl and the other kids are all having a great time, and Two and his peers are enjoying themselves in the nursery and toddler room as well. Stressful for adults but wonderful fun for kids - I guess that's a good result.

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Melissa said...

I am glad that VBS is going well!