Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Electricity, water, and more electricity

Today's highlights include:

Electricity, which was my trip to get tested for carpal tunnel. It was freaky, but the man conducting the tests talked the ENTIRE TIME and kept my mind off of the jolts of current zapping (slower than they should) through my lower arms. It's pretty certain that I have carpal tunnel now, so the question becomes what to do about it. I'm not loving the splint thing that I wear on my right wrist. I know that, given the heat and sweat it causes underneath its lovely black shiny self, it will begin to annoy me more as the temperature rises. And yet, I will likely have to get one for the left, too, as a short term treatment if nothing else.

Water, which was delightful at the kids' pool party later in the afternoon. It is one of the first events I've organized for the kids as part of my new job, and attendance was pretty good. I provided juice boxes and Rice Krispies treats which were pretty popular, and Big Girl had a fantastic time in the pool. She's definitely a daredevil. I had to get pretty tough with her to keep her from jumping off the diving board and swimming in the deep end. She doesn't know how to swim. She starts lessons next week, but this week she's just wearing water wings and she has no fear. I'll feel a lot better once she finishes this class, but she is pretty oblivious to my trepidation and she wore herself out swimming and playing.

More electricity refers to the loud thunderstorm rolling through my neighborhood. I don't think it's actually raining - just making a lot of noise. I would appreciate rain but I may have to wait until the weekend (when I had planned to have a yard sale) for that.

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