Thursday, June 19, 2008

So, so proud of Big Girl!

She's so enthusiastic about her swim lessons. So very different from me! She's eager to get in the water and try anything the teacher asks her to do. She doesn't have perfect form or get it on the first try every time, but she isn't the least bit reluctant about the pool. She's so brave compared to some of the other kids (who are reluctant as I was when I took swimming lessons). She's always raising her hand and volunteering to jump in and try something after the teacher demonstrates, and she smiles and claps with excitement for her classmates, too. Two went with us today - my mom has been keeping him during previous lessons but today she didn't feel well - and he screamed her name and cheered for her and was generally adorable and supportive of his big sis. Big Girl has a fearless streak that she certainly didn't get from me, and I am completely proud and delighted by her progress during this first week of swim lessons.

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