Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Stylish, no?

My new wrist brace, which I will be wearing for a few weeks while the doc does tests and such to see if I need surgery for carpal tunnel. I'm supposed to wear it at night, but maybe more if my symptoms warrant, and hopefully it will help so that I don't have a numb hand all the time (particularly annoying while driving and typing).

Big Girl and Two had to go with me to my appointment this morning - that was a maddening experience. They had a grand time but drove me up the wall with their refusal to follow instructions (Two, don't touch the biohazard trash can!). They like the orthopaedist, so that should tell you something - they're not easily swayed by medical professionals.

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Cheeky (Tracy) said...

Oh No!!! I really hope you do not need surgery:( I'll be thinking of you!