Wednesday, March 12, 2008

oh, what a day...

Today has been a LONG day. The Easter egg hunt was fabulous, and some of the older kids totally redeemed themselves by sharing their bounty with the younger kids after the hunt was over. We had dinner at church. The spaghetti sauce was delicious but I have acid reflux now, of course - when we eat tomato stuff at home I take measures to make it more tolerable but this sauce was fully acidic.

I'm really out of sorts with my body and my mind today. I've forgotten important things and made mistakes lately, and I'm fed up with having to take medicines all the time to control acid reflux and my other health issues. To be honest, I'm out of sorts with the world today. I'm fed up with inept people working in customer service, with the stupid rules and red tape of companies I have to deal with, with the fact that I always have to be so conscious of our finances. We're fairly frugal people and I'm working on improving in that respect, and it drives me nuts to feel like I have to watch every single penny all month long. But right now that's what I need to do.

Oh, and in a case of further annoyance, Hubs got caught by a red light camera for turning right on red without coming to a complete stop. Ticket came in the mail, and thanks to the miracles of modern technology we can even go online and watch the footage of him doing it. Grrrr. Yeah, he shouldn't have done it, but somehow it irks me that it wasn't even a person who busted him.

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