Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Easter egg hunt

I'm very excited about this afternoon's Easter egg hunt at our church. I think Hubs might actually get off work to attend, and this will be the first year that the baby boy will be able to participate. He wasn't really mobile last year. And I know big girl will have a wonderful time. I decorated her basket with some cute hot pink ribbon that has Hello Kitty on it - she loves it and I have enough left to tie a cute bow in her hair as well. I still need to track down baby boy's basket and put a green ribbon with cats and dogs on it on his basket. His sister picked it out for him when we took a girls-only trip to the Walmart a few days ago - because "bro loves dogs." Some moms appear to go all-out with the egg hunt and show up with girls in pretty smocked dresses and elaborately decorated baskets, but I'm a little more low-key. The kids will be wearing appropriate attire for playing outside, stuff that will wash well when they start digging into the candy and smear chocolate and colored sugar all over themselves. I stuffed 250 eggs with candy to contribute to the hunt. This should be fun.

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