Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Yummy smells wafting through the house

Before I start this, can I just mention that I love the word "waft"? It definitely goes on my favorite word list.

The house smells delicious. I made a big pan of lemon bars this morning, and mingled with that - nicely mingled - is the smell of chili cooking in the crock pot. I'll be taking these items to church this evening to share for Wednesday Night Dinner, which this week is a potluck. Big girl has been eyeing the lemon bars and sniffing them with great interest since she got home (my dad kindly brought her home from preschool since Baby Boy was napping soundly at pickup time). The lemon bar recipe is another favorite from the Southern Living Cookbook. I'll post that recipe in a minute. As for the chili:

One pound ground chuck, browned
One medium sweet onion, chopped
Two large cans of diced tomatoes
Two cans of black beans, pilfered from my mom's kitchen since Hubs apparently used all of our canned beans
Chili powder, oregano, cumin, salt, and pepper to taste

I'll probably add a touch of flour mixed with water to thicken it up before I take it over. This is all cooking on high in the crockpot and the smell is delightful. Hubs considers himself a chili expert, but I like mine better. Sure, he wins all the chili cookoffs at work, but I always have to add sour cream to his chili so it's not so harsh on my sensitive digestive system.

Off to find that cookbook with the lemon bar recipe...

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Cake said...

PLEASE find the Lemon Bar recipe, I've been wanting a good one and I MUST make them this weekend since the smell is practically wafting over here now!

Hmm, waft is definitely an underused word.

The chili sounds delightful too! It's STILL cold and snowy in my "great" state this weekend.