Monday, March 31, 2008

A morning at home, with Two

Two and I are at home this morning, while his sister is in preschool. Typically after dropping her off at school, we go by my parents' house and mooch. He eats tasty breakfast foods, talks about farming with my dad, and watches a little Bob the Builder. I drink their coffee, read their newspapers, and relax. But alas, they are not home this morning, so we were forced to return to our own house for coffee and Bob-viewing.

Two was a bit annoyed at first, but a quick stop at the Wal-Mart restored his good humor. He likes to shop, mostly because he enjoys seeing people and scoping out merchandise. Quite the little consumer, Two is. We got paper for my printer and a new hairbrush, and we went through the craft section so he could admire the John Deere fabric selections. I need to get some of that and use it to make him something. He gets giddy talking about the tractors every time he sees it.

Now he's strutting around the den, waving a black plastic thing (I think it's part of a report cover that he filched from a stack of student papers I was grading, which is fine because I hate report covers) like a little conductor. He's wearing his really cool green shirt with a dragon on it and looking like quite the hip young fellow today. Yes, I picked out that shirt for him, and i love it. So many of his outfits are picked out by my mom, who has good taste, but leans toward preppy, and I like to add a touch of rock and roll to his wardrobe when I can.


K said...

It sounds like Two and Big Girl are the same ages as my Elena and Liam. Elena will be 4 soon and Liam 2 soon after that.

the driftwood collector said...

Yes, sounds like they're very close. Two's birthday is Thursday - I can't believe it!