Sunday, March 30, 2008

No worries about vampires in these parts

The house smells deliciously of garlic. I made a big pot of sauce and put lots of fresh garlic and onion in it. I don't really make sauce from scratch, per se. I doctor up stuff in jars with lots of fresh ingredients added. And my sauce is much better, no matter what Hubs tells you:

Hubs, entering kitchen, looking at me with one eyebrow arched: Are you trying to make sauce?
Me: Not just trying. I AM making sauce.
Hubs: Why didn't you tell me you wanted sauce?
Me: I knew you were busy, and I like to make it sometimes.
Hubs, looking a little hurt: Don't you like my sauce?
Me: Of course, your sauce is great, but I thought I would make it this time.

He gets similarly condescending, then hurt, if I make chili. Because he's the winner of numerous chili cookoffs at the office, in case you hadn't heard. He does make good chili, but it's very different from mine, and his sauce is also quite different from mine. And I'm perfectly capable of making delicious versions of both. But I digress.

So, I made a huge pot of sauce, with lots of good flavors from garlic, onion, basil, and oregano, and I portioned it out so we can use it to make some different dishes during the week. Some of it I'll likely freeze for later use, and I'll probably do something baked with pasta one night, and we can eat it on pasta, maybe some tortellini since the kids love it so.

I've also done laundry and dishes, read lots of news articles, and tended to a couple of wild children this afternoon. Big Girl's upper lip is raw because she's a little rough with the kleenex as she wipes her nose. Two (formerly known as Baby Boy) is just a little crusty, because his evasive maneuvers are improving. When he ducks and dodges, he also says cute things like, "No, Mommy. No clean." The little guy does not like to be wiped or washed if he can help it, but if you subject him to a bath, he splashes everywhere and has a grand time. I secretly think both of my kids have picked up some bad waterplay habits from our golden retriever, who's a real messer with water.

Two is still very jealous of his sister's new shoes. He tried to put on her new pink sandals but they wouldn't stay on, since they're four sizes too big for him. He did enjoy opening and closing the velcro straps. I'll have to get him some sandals for warmer weather too.

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