Saturday, March 15, 2008

Seizure Dog

I thought that, since I posted a picture of the punk dog, I should also post a picture of the seizure dog. He started having seizures just over a year ago. We're fairly sure that they're genetic. We've had him since he was 8 weeks old, and he'll be five in May. He was originally destined to be a show dog, but he was a little too wild as a puppy and didn't want to walk nicely for judges, and then he started showing a tendency toward hot spots, so we got him neutered and he's been a lovable bum ever since.

Yes, he also likes to eat limbs and bark. He has some nice bark bits on his tongue and mouth in the closeup shot. The darker teardrop shape on the tip of his tongue is always there. He's had it since birth, although it's much paler than it used to be. But unlike the punk, he learned to channel his energy into more appropriate hobbies. Both of them are really playful. Just need to get the punk to be more gentle in his play, and to get him to stop chewing on everything. I give them chewy snacks and such all the time but that's never enough for one of them.

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