Monday, March 24, 2008

This Ain't Spring.

This morning it snowed. Not sticking, of course - it was around 40 degrees at the time - but lots o' flurries, throughout the morning. And for a lot of that time, it was sunny, too. And now? It's cold - 37 when last I checked - and a bit windy, but sunny. This is not spring. I was all ready to pull out the shorts and capris and cute spring dresses for big girl, and to hint overtly to my mom that baby boy could use some new spring clothes too. Good thing I waited before switching out the winter clothes. The kids wore heavy coats today and got pink cheeks from the brisk wind.

In case you're wondering, big girl is taller but otherwise still the same size as last fall, so she can still wear most of her old clothes, including several cute outfits that were never even worn last year. But baby boy is definitely a bigger boy now. He has a few things that I bought for him at the end of last summer on sale, but he'll need more once it's warm. And my mom loves to shop for them, so I'm going to hold off until after his birthday so I have a better idea of what he needs. Other than shoes, that is. I will buy him some adorable little boy shoes, and soon.

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