Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Recent freebies and such

I got my dad to feed the lads and get the mail and papers while we were out of town last weekend, and, well, he's a (lovable) nosey snoop so he was really curious about the bulky padded envelope that arrived in Friday's mail. I told him not to open anything, however, and he didn't - he had to wait until our return for me to satisfy his curiosity. It was a free hat, a nice one, from Sam Adams. You know, the tasty beer folks. To thank me for filling out a survey from a recent e-newsletter (I get their monthly newsletter - fun reading). So I gave the hat to Hubs, who was pleased, because it's a nice, quality hat and he loves beer. And my dad wanted to know why I didn't give it to him. A few reasons:

  • He already has tons of hats that get left all over my parents' house.
  • He doesn't really drink beer, particularly not Sam Adams.
  • He wasn't there when I opened the package.
  • If I give him the hat, then it won't be as readily accessible for me to appropriate on bad hair days.

Hubs has way too many hats too, but I digress. In other exciting mail-related news, I got a facial cleanser from the Marie Claire Velvet Rope Club to evaluate (I loved the shampoo and condition they sent for me to evaluate last fall) which I've been using. Got the e-mail to fill out the survey this morning. Aside from those two niceties, I'm in a bit of a freebie drought. I hope it will pick up again this summer as it did last. It's been several weeks since the nice Marie Claire people sent me the tote bag with a t-shirt and some other little things to thank me for filling out some other survey. The t-shirt is way too tiny for my bosom. I think it'll make a nice sleep shirt for big girl.

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