Thursday, March 20, 2008


Max is asleep snuggled right up beside my leg. He is snoring softly. Oh, how I miss having a kitty in my own home! I'm at my parents, waiting for them to return with the kids. They keep them while I teach class, and tonight they took them to church and the service hasn't finished yet. So I get to sit in their den with this nice loaner cat who used to be mine. I wish Hubs weren't allergic to cats now. I guess I'll just keep enjoying my old cats in their new home. They're both even more affectionate now that they live with my mom. She's such an animal lover that animals always seem to be at their nicest and sweetest around her, and she has really had a wonderful effect on both cats. They're such calm, patient cats - not nearly as skittish as they were when they lived with me and feared the crawling noisy creature who was Big Girl. Sweet kitties!

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