Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The zombies are mesmerized by the teevee so I'm getting a bit of peace. Since big boy has become a master walker, I've found peace to be in short supply. He's also developed a love of wrestling with his sister - the two of them are adorably affectionate kids but sometimes she doesn't appreciate being tackled when she's busy coloring. I should have videotaped some of their wrestling in the hotel room last weekend - it typically ends with him sitting on top of her cheering and clapping for himself while she descends in to hysterical laughter at her silly "baby brother."

They're watching Oswald. That penguin is a little creepy - I think he's supposed to be wearing glasses? But the lack of defined eyeballs is a bit disturbing. Reminds me of the villainous "chicken" that's really a penguin in "The Wrong Trousers" (Wallace & Gromit in Three Amazing Adventures).

I need to grade some papers before teaching tonight, plus bring a little order to the chaos that is my den. I want to fix some black bean soup, too - I'm craving it. I left the last of the black bean chili at the church last week. They bagged and froze it to use later, to provide to people who are sick or grieving. Not sure whose idea that was, but it was genius - they really stocked up the church freezer with the leftovers from that night.

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