Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter dinner was divine

We had Easter dinner at my grandmother's house, and it was amazing. I made roasted potatoes with olive oil and herbes de provence. So, so easy, and so good. I peeled the potatoes and cut them up into big chunks, and tossed them in a ziploc bag with some olive oil. Then I put them in a casserole dish (sprayed with olive oil cooking spray) and sprinkled herbes de provence on top, and roasted them for about 15 minutes at 450 degrees, then turned down to 350 until they got nice and tender (another 20 minutes or so). I love herbs de provence - such a nice spice blend.

Other family members brought assorted items, including a honey ham, turkey, dressing, gravy, macaroni and cheese (this awesome Martha Stewart recipe that the kids LOVE), broccoli salad (with a creamy sauce and big pieces of onion and bacon), deviled eggs, fruit salad, cranberry sauce, and Southern-style biscuits. Plus brownies and assorted Easter candy for dessert.

The kids hunted for eggs in the front yard before we ate and had so much fun. They were both in rare form - very entertaining, energetic, not the least bit whiny throughout the visit. I was impressed! Good thing they both had naps before we went there.

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Dre the Texican said...

Seriously, one day I am just going to go to all these great blogs and steal recipes. Your post made me hungry. Gotta go scavenge the campus for some sustenance now! xoxo Dre