Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Quiet day here

Not a lot going on at my house today. The kids are napping. It's cold and rainy, so we've stayed home - plus I'm doing a lot of thinking, mostly about my grandfather. It's hard to believe he's gone. It scares me, really. His sister, my great-aunt, was a very important person to me growing up. She died my senior year of high school - for those of you who may remember a thread I started on Babycenter several weeks ago, she's the one who gave me the ring that I lost shortly after she died. It scares me to lose Pop for so many reasons. I feel very selfish thinking about how all of this is affecting me, but if I can't be a little selfish on a blog about my life, where can I do it?

I wish I could spend some time with my mom today, talking about him and looking through pictures, but she's already left town to see my grandmother and the rest of her family. I hope my mom will be willing to do this later. I hate to think about how much this must hurt her, losing her father.

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