Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hubs apologized this morning

for nagging me so much lately about the housework. He has been complaining about the piles of (clean) laundry on the sofa in the den, and other things, for several days. We're all sick, and I really resented his complaints because he wasn't doing any housework and he was sick, so why couldn't he understand that I feel horrible too, and that it's a lot for me to keep the kids clean and fed.

So we had a long talk, which was somewhat productive, and I feel a little better about it. He agreed not to keep listing things that I need to do around the house (he does this in the mornings while he gets ready for work and I try to sleep, and anytime he's getting ready to leave the house), because, as he said, I already know all of the things he keeps telling me. And he has committed to helping more himself.

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