Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tinker, tinker...

In case anyone is reading this - I'm tinkering with layout and design and such, so don't let it throw you.

ETA: Tinkering over. I have a nice painting now, by Mary Cassatt, who's a personal favorite. I used another painting by her for my Babycenter avatar. Note the mother laying in bed, as if she actually gets to sleep in. Note the little girl who has climbed in bed with the mother (I bet she's asking her mom to turn on Noggin so she can watch Wonder Pets). Note the coffee mug. This could be a scene from my life. If we had sound with this painting, we would also hear, in addition to the little girl asking for the "mote" to turn on the tv, a little boy calling, "Mooommmmeeeee!" from his crib. Good thing he doesn't know how to climb out yet.

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