Saturday, February 16, 2008

Baby skin

I love baby skin. Particularly baby cheeks. My baby boy's cheeks are so cute and plump and adorable. Even though he has dry skin and is itchy all over, his cheeks are still soft and have that pale pink sweetness to them. And he smells a little bit like pancakes, which is adorable (less adorable was me washing the pancake crumbs off his hands, face, ears, neck, and hair - but he still smells yummy). He fell asleep in the car today as we were driving back from my mom's house, so I picked him up and carried him inside to his crib. I just love that sensation of him collapsed against my shoulder in a sleepy baby weight, with one arm tossed casually around my neck. I almost hated to put him down - I wanted to hold him a little longer and enjoy the sleepy cuddle that he rarely wants to give when he's awake now. But the faster he gets into the crib, the less likely he is to wake up and complain. And that little lower lip of his is still pretty powerful when it's pushed out and accompanied by an irate wail.

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