Monday, February 18, 2008


I'm sitting here in the recliner with a box fan blowing full force on me. Sweat is dripping down my neck, my hair is wet from all of this, and it's pretty gross. I decided to give the snot patrol a bath and the experience has left me sweaty and crippled. My back always hurts after I give them a bath and yet I never think to get a knee cushion or take any other measures to make the whole process less painful.

But they had a fabulous time - I used the last of the Tigger bath bubbles and they had plenty of ducks and other toys in the tub, too. They conspired to start splashing in unison and get me all wet early in the process, which was hil-arious. The big girl made tea with her brother's little cup toys, which was great fun until she actually tasted the soapy water, and baby boy's ducks had a grand time as well.

Of course, when they're having this much fun, ending bathtime is never a popular move, so after screaming and complaining about it for a while, they've settled down to watch a Bob the Builder video while I cool off. Then a quick run to the grocery store before Hubs comes home. Maybe I'll pull a June Cleaver and have dinner ready when he gets here.

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