Saturday, February 23, 2008

So much grading...

and so little motivation to do it. I have two classes' worth of papers to grade this weekend, plus a third class coming in next week. And all I want to do is watch Jane Austen movies and eat cookies. Instead of doing any of those things, however, I'm on my laptop, sitting in Hubs' recliner and drinking a cold beverage.

Hubs "watched" the kids this morning while I taught class. I say "watched" because he fed them breakfast and then parked them in front of Bob the Builder, playing on repeat, while he was on his laptop doing work in the adjacent room. So the kids are far over their Bob quota after watching it all morning.

As I expected, most of the class dragged in late this morning - usually the case when a paper is due. Sometimes I'm a witch and I don't accept papers that aren't there on my desk at 8 am (or whenever the class starts), but today I was nice and understanding. I even took one student - a nice young woman who's five weeks from her due date - to my office so she could print her paper off of a memory stick, since the computer lab is closed on the weekends and she ran out of ink at home. I'm becoming all soft in my old age.

Quick glance to CNN prompts the following: why do some reporters dress up in "local costume" when covering stories? For example, I just spotted Ali Velshi, and I know he's in Texas because he's wearing a brown cowboy hat and a leather barn coat and he looks like a total goofball.

So, I am debating applying for a new job. It would be in addition to my current part-time teaching gig, at least for now. The position would involve coordinating the children's educational programs at my church, and it would be part-time, and I can't decide if I should apply. One part of me says I should try it, and see how I like it (I think if I apply, my chances of getting the job are strong). Another part of me says I already have too many obligations and responsibilities, and I need to finish this *&^&^%$^%$ dissertation before I take on anything else. I just don't know. Hubs is no help - he says it's up to me and he's supportive of whatever I choose. Ugh.


Cake said...

i hate it when DH won't make up my mind for me. ;) It sounds as if you're busy, but why not apply and see hwat happens? You can always say no (easier said than done for me, for sure!)

Elisa said...

I say don't apply. Why stress yourself out?

Life's too short. ;)

Pretty layout by the way.