Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A list of things on my mind...

  • Big girl has developed a big problem with twirling her hair into knots and chewing on her hair. I am attempting to break the habit and I am beginning to wonder if a haircut will help. Her hair is getting quite long, so even when she doesn't help it along, it tangles easily.
  • Baby boy went to the doctor today, after a fall last night which resulted in prolific bleeding from the underside of his lip. He apparently tore open the little connector that goes between the inside of the top lip and his gums. The doctor said to avoid salty and acidic foods, and he should heal fairly quickly. I'm glad he didn't need a stitch there or anything. He was a pain in the tuckus when the doctor wanted to examine it. His appetite remains prolific despite the injury.
  • My BFF Mel will be moving closer in the spring, so that I can reasonably drive to see her and her partner in a day. She'll have a new job with a (hopefully less-psycho) new boss, and I'm just so happy for her. She's also moving back to the town where we both lived previously, so she'll already know people and places there.
  • Hubs actually came home at a reasonable hour tonight - but that's because he's sick and tired and wanted to go to bed early. The kids are already in bed, too, and the dogs are fed and snoozing on the back deck, which means the house is really quiet and peaceful.

I think I'll take advantage of the quiet and go enjoy a Jane Austen movie from the BBC collection that the aforementioned BFF sent to me as a surprise gift.

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