Sunday, February 17, 2008

They're OD-ing on Little Bear today

Both the big girl and baby boy are sick again today, as am I. My husband - let's just call him Hubs, shall we? - is not suitably sympathetic to my illness, but that's not new. So we've been watching Noggin a lot today. I've been really bad about using Noggin and Bob the Builder videos as electronic babysitters lately. I've been sick and congested since sometimes in late December, with only the occasional day of feeling good, and both of the kiddos keep getting sick. So I'm simultaneously delighted and horrified by my big girl's ability to sing the theme songs to Wonder Pets and other fabulous preschooler tv fare. I guess mostly I love it, because sometimes she's so quiet and shy when I try to get her to sing. Particularly if she has an audience of any size, she sticks her two fingers into her mouth and just looks at me when I ask her to sing. This is the same frustratingly adorable pose she struck throughout most of her preschool's Christmas song assembly.

Meanwhile, Max and Ruby are now on - their relationship reminds me of big girl and baby boy sometimes b/c big girl has no problem bossing her brother around and being vocal in the comforts of her own home. And baby boy is wandering around the den with a gift bag over his head. Good times, good times.

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