Tuesday, February 19, 2008

If I ruled the world...

Okay, pardon me as I indulge in a brief lolkitty-induced rant. Am I the only person who doesn't like the smell of Febreeze? It makes me want to gag. I can't stand to smell the stuff, in any of its incarnations. I have a problem with air fresheners and perfumes in general. Subtle and non-offensive scents are okay, but even a lot of the stuff my mom wears is too strong for me. I ordered the Clinique Happy freebies that someone kind posted on the bargain board - too strong for me. I had one sent to my mom and she put a little dab on big girl, and the ride home in the van from mom's house was bad. I had the windows down in the front for me, so I could breathe, and the heat blasting in the back to keep the kids warm. Anyway, that concludes my rant. It is a cute lolcat. But if I were that cat, I'd run outside screaming.

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