Saturday, February 16, 2008

The piece of wood

We have a piece of wood that has moved with us since college. It's not flashy, not carved or polished. It's a broken piece that my now-husband found on a mountain hike, I think. The wood is gray or grey - probably grey because that seems to suit it - and was obviously broken off abruptly from the rest of the tree. The ends are jagged and pointed even as the wood itself has become soft and weathered. I could toss in some neat metaphors about how the wood is symbolic of me, or my husband, or our relationship, but really it's just an interesting piece of wood. So I thought I would start my collection here with it.

There are so many interesting things that I find, or make, or encounter - so many interesting people, places, experiences. And my memory is terrible. So this begins as an exercise in collecting for the purpose of remembering, and also as a means of sharing, should anyone else find it interesting or useful in some way. I have no grand aims. This is just my metaphorical shoebox of treasures that I keep under the bed, or in the closet, and from time to time I bring it out and rifle through it and muse philosophically, or something intellectual like that. Actually, I rifle through it and say, oh, that's kind of cool. I won't promise anything more mentally challenging than that.

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