Monday, February 25, 2008

Wishful Shopping

I'm browsing around looking at cute clothes that I won't actually buy. I found this dress that would look amazing on Big Girl, but I won't get it for her because she already has several cute dresses for spring and summer. I made out like a bandit when I was shopping the clearance racks last fall. And she already has special occasion dresses for Easter and her birthday, so I must restrain myself.

I did pick up an Easter outfit for Baby Boy, finally. I exchanged some adorable clothes that my mom got from Gymboree, which unfortunately were too small, and got him a nice outfit that should be appropriate for cooler weather, since Easter falls so early this year. I remember that Big Girl couldn't wear her Easter dress for her first Easter because she would have been far too cold, so I tried to shop with that in mind. He can always lose the sweater if it's warmer that day.

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