Friday, April 25, 2008

Ugh - so glad I'm not a student!

I just finished writing the exam that my Saturday class will take in the morning, and I am very glad I don't have to take it. It's easy, yes, but long. I would do well on it, since, well, I wrote the questions (duh) and I picked all of the literature we read in this class, but I think they may be annoyed by the length of time required to finish the thing. Two hours, minimum, for those who know what they're talking about. Less time for the dummies who didn't do the reading regularly and don't care, more time for the dummies who will try to cover up the fact that they didn't do the reading. It's open book, open note. I like to give them lots of rope to hang themselves. ;)

And while they take the exam, I will grade papers and thus have nothing left to do besides grade final exams!

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M said...

I wish i was the one doing the teaching and not the studenting. I'm gonna have one more class to take since I didn't finish my senior research project for graduation.