Sunday, April 6, 2008


[The Scene: I am brushing my hair in the bathroom. Big Girl enters with her DoodlePro.]
BG: Mama, I doin my homewuk.
Me: Your homework? What is your homework?
BG: I draw pikchur. I gonna draw pikchur of you, Mama!
Me: Oh, wow! How nice, BG!
BG: Look, Mama. I draw you head. Heuh you hair, Mama. You short hair, not long hair like me.
Me: I see! Yes, that's my hair.
BG: I draw you eyez. You have two eyez.
Me: That's right!
BG: I draw you mouf. You have big mouf, Mama. I have lil mouf. You have big mouf, Mama.
[Cue laughter from Hubs in adjacent room.]

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