Friday, April 18, 2008

Take your daughter to work day

Not officially, but Big Girl went to work with me this morning, since she's out of preschool this week for spring break. Two spent the morning with his grandfather and had a fabulous time. Big Girl spread out papers, books, markers, and other assorted toys in the floor of my new office and had fun, too. She chatted with my boss and some of the other people who came in and out of my office, and she colored jewelry on herself (!), and she was generally pleased and proud to be "helping me" with my work. I love that this is the kind of job where I can bring her along in a pinch, and not only do they not mind, but they also go out of their ways to welcome her and interact with her. Bonus!

Two's farming excursion with his grandfather apparently wiped him out. From what I can gather, he saw tractors, called cows, visited with relatives, and spent a good bit of time outside this morning - and it's a beautiful day, so I think as soon as the kids wake up from their naps, we'll go back out again. Maybe have a tyke-sized car wash and clean all of the pollen off of their vehicles.

Big Girl has a nice red tricycle with a bell, and Two has a pedal-driven John Deere tractor, in case you're curious. The tractor even has a detachable trailer. It's really fabulous. He gets tired of trying to pedal it quickly and usually lets his sister try it for a while, and she lets him try the trike, which is just beautiful in comparison to the jealously and possessiveness seen over markers in this house.

Hubs isn't here to complain about being ignored, and since it's so quiet and peaceful, I think I'll go read a book. For fun, even. I feel terribly indulgent.

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