Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And another thing: the flower party

I'm getting really excited about the flower party idea. I'm trying to decide what kind of plants to get for the favors. I think I want something that blooms, preferably throughout the summer, and something that can take a big of abuse. Since the little girls may forget to water it. Ah, decisions, decisions. I have so many good ideas for activities and food - and I can use this fabulous cake pan that I already have from Big Girl's first birthday. I actually have two kinds of pans - one is a Bundt style pan that makes a big rose, and the other makes tiny rose cupcakes. I could make both, and ice the big rose and then let them ice and decorate the small ones themselves. I'd do that before I let them play in the dirt, I think. I think I'll have to keep the guest list modest, so I can do lots of fun projects with the girls and not go bankrupt. ;)

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