Friday, April 4, 2008

Sleepy, rainy day

I could easily sleep all afternoon. Both Big Girl and Two are taking naps, and it sounds so delightful right now. I'm trying to be good and do prep work for tomorrow's class.

I would love some homemade bread and a big bowl of hot soup right now, but I lack the motivation to make either of those things.

We had a small celebration last night for Two, but the real party will wait until we can get more extended family together next week. I'll make a cake and we'll celebrate then. Last night my mom and Big Girl made brownies with icing for him and he eagerly dipped his fingers in for several swipes of icing before we even started cutting pieces. He was so excited about being the center of attention, and he beamed while we sang for him. Such as sweet boy! My parents are getting a joint gift for him and Big Girl, whose birthday is next month - a big play structure with slide, swings, etc. for the back yard. They will go crazy over it. Hopefully we'll get it set up in the next few days. Right now it's cool and raining, with the threat of severe storms, so we're staying inside.

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