Monday, April 14, 2008

Has Doggie been replaced?

Two is still sleeping with his beloved Doggie, but he's also got another toy that *must* be in his bed, and *must* accompany him everywhere lest he puddle down to the floor in a big ball of tantrum. My grandmother got him a John Deere tractor for his birthday and Two is in love. He drives it all over the place, sleeps with it, talks about his beloved "twackta." He got a couple of cool Tonka toys, a dump truck and a front-end loader, which he likes fairly well, but they pale in comparison to the twackta. He'll share the Tonka toys with Big Girl (who wants to play with them largely because they are his, and thereby attractive), but she better not lay a hand on his twackta. He'll scream her name and wail "Nooooooooo!" if she tries. And honestly, that just makes her want to get that twackta even more.

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