Saturday, April 5, 2008

Highly Adaptive

Two is highly adaptive sometimes. We have this toy dog, which my grandmother originally bought for Big Girl when she was not so big, and it's now a favorite of her younger brother. She doesn't play with it anymore, unless she spots Two playing with it and is tempted - because a toy never looks like more fun than when your brother is thoroughly enjoying it. So, Two was walking around the house tugging Digger behind him, and he dropped the cord just long enough for Big Girl to take possession. He didn't have a tantrum, much to my surprise. He got his lovey, a stuffed Disney dalmation pup, and his dad's brown leather belt (which Hubs left lying around on a chair in the den) and adapted them. He's been happily strutting to and fro, dragging the belt, holding Pup, and when his sister then lost interest in Digger, he recollected the other dog and began strolling with all of the items.

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M said...

Ingenuity with a capital "I"