Saturday, April 19, 2008

I need to come up with a fun idea for the party...

Big girl's birthday is about six weeks away, and I need to come up with a fun idea. At present, I'm leaning toward a Teddy Bear Picnic, in which her friends from preschool bring their favorite stuffed animals to the party. But I have also tossed around ideas about a farm-themed party, a puppy dog party, a princess party, and a flower party. The flower party is actually her idea, and I like it, but I'm not sure how far I can actually take that idea beyond the decor and invitations. I also have to determine if I will get my house in order and have said party here, or if I will have it elsewhere. I'm so indecisive about this. Ideas? Anyone? Bueller?


Anonymous said...

Ooo... the Flower Party is a very cute idea!! You could have the kids plant little flowers in small pots and take them home with them. Play a "Pin the Petal on the Flower" game maybe? You could help them glue buttons, jelly beans, skittles, etc. to paper and make flowers?

I know my preschooler would get a ginormous kick out of the teddy bear party.

Good luck!

Dre the Texican said...

Flower party! How cute...

Flower shaped cake with icing flowers

Little flower bunches for take home gifts (or little seed packets of flowers that will bloom in a few weeks...4/$1 at Walgreen's I think)

Craft: Hang a sheet over your fence and let each child paint a flower on it with finger paints or puff paints. Keep it forever or throw it away.

Her crown for the day: get a thick headband and some green and pink felt, plus pipe cleaners and lime green yarn. Cut petals out of felt and insert pipe cleaner to keep them stiff. Sew with yarn (you'll have to use scissors to cut slits, then use a knitting needle to pull the yarn through. Wrap headband with green felt, and attach petals using big staple gun.

Okay, let's plan retirement now (I'm feeling bossy but avoiding studying, too).

Love, Dre

thevirtualvoyeur said...

I like the teddy bear picnic idea

fixitmommy said...

You could easily do flower cupcakes in all different colors to make like a big bunch on the table.

You could give out seed packets as "favors" for really cheap. You could also get a bunch of terra cota pots and let them paint their own pots for their seeds.

Lots of fun stuff with flowers out there!

fixitmommy said...

You could do cupcakes in all different colors to make a bouquet on the table instead of a cake.

Give ot seed packets as favors. And get some terra cota pots and let them paint their own pots for their seeds.

There are tons of cute flowery things out there to do.

Shannie said...

All very cute ideas! I love party planning! I just went to the cutest teddybear picnic party. VERY cute. I almost did a flower party for Avery this year (in May, but we are going with princesses, per her request...) Let me know if you want any ideas. I swear the teddybear picnic party was one of the cutest I have seen.