Friday, April 11, 2008

Moments with my little man

Shortly after I finished my last post, I heard Two waking up from his nap and whining a little. I walked back to his room and found him curled up in a grumpy little ball, so I brought him out to the den and held him while I was leaning back in the recliner. He fell back asleep, and we stayed there together for some time, until my arm fell asleep and my neck became so stiff that I had to move. He was breathing softly on my neck, with the occasional pitiful little coughing fit due to all of the pollen outside, and curled up so snugly and pressed against me. So often now, he's independent and resists getting hugs and cuddles, and so I just closed my eyes to enjoy the closeness to my sweet boy as long as it lasted.

After I shifted him off my numb arm, he rubbed his eyes open and looked up at me for a long moment, and then looked over to the sofa. He spotted his lovey and perked up: "Doggie?" He began to wiggle, so I helped him down and he retrieved his doggie and gave it to me. He situated the doggie in my lap and ventured out to get a favorite book, The Little Red Caboose (Little Golden Book), one of his favorites since choo-choos rate very highly with him. He came back to my chair and backed up to me and waited expectatly to be lifted into my lap, and we enjoyed several readings of the story, complete with full commentary about all of the images he recognized in the illustrations (doggies, barns, cows, tractors, cars, trucks, and the like). It's been a while since he has slowed down to spend this much time one-on-one with me. And it was wonderful while it lasted.

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Mamalicious said...

That is a precious and rare moment! Why do they get so big so fast?