Tuesday, April 1, 2008

If only this were the soundtrack to my life...

I've been listening to Watershed, the new k.d. lang release, and I am in love. This cd is so sensual, so rich, and I just keep playing it again and again. Confession: I know the words to almost every song on Ingénue and I sing along every time I listen to it. Not loud enough to keep me from hearing k.d. lang, but I can't help myself. If she sang the soundtrack to my life, I can only imagine how fabulous my life would be. I feel like I would be a silver screen siren dressed in fabulous gowns, with an amazing hourglass figure and perfectly coifed hair. Her music really stirs something within me, and when I started listening to Watershed this morning, I had one of those perfect moments. It's gloomy and gray and raining this morning, and "i dream of spring" came on and just cinched that moment for me. I can't really explain it. I'm probably sounding ridiculous, but I feel like sitting back and closing my eyes and just listening, because the music is touching something, lifting up something inside of me. This is the feeling I long for, when I listen to music, and sometimes I find it.

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