Friday, April 25, 2008

I get my Saturdays back!

After I give a final to my class tomorrow morning, I'll be finished with Saturday classes. And honestly, it was such a pain to be there every Saturday morning for four hours, so I don't think I'll sign up to teach one again. Unless they paid me a lot more, in which case I would *consider* it. The fact that over half of these students never did the reading and never spoke up in class made it even worse for me, so I'm not eager to try teaching on the weekend again.

Having my Saturdays back means the kids and I can do fun things, visit family, spend time outside, go swimming now that it's hot weather again. And I don't have to get up at 6 am - the earliest morning of the week for me, actually, since I sleep until 6:30 or 7 on days that Big Girl does to school.

I'll also be able to do fun weekend things, like take the kids to those project making activities they have at the home improvement stores, or go to yard sales should the whim strike me. I'm not a big yard sale shopper by any means, but if I pass one, with time and a bit of money to spare, I'll stop. Which is how Two ended up with two cute sweater vests and a button down shirt for next winter - I passed some signs as we were driving home this afternoon, so I stopped to browse briefly. I probably could have found some useful books and music for work, but it started raining and the people having the sale covered everything up to push it into the garage, so I decided we had done enough damage. The clothes I got for Two look brand new and are really nice brands, so I'm quite pleased with the finds. No girly things, however - Big Girl was disappointed, but I'm sure she'll be the lucky one some other day.

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