Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Food strike!

It's bad when Two acts like enough of a two year old to get my mom annoyed. She got very frustrated with a certain boy who kept throwing peas on the floor and refusing to eat his dinner because he wanted cookies instead. My mother, the saint, kept Two and Big Girl for much of the day today while I got lots of work done on various projects. I think she was exhausted by the time I arrived to take the kids home - and my dad, who wasn't even there for half of the day, was worn out too. Two apparently fussed for cookies and the tractor video repeatedly throughout the day, and his wishes were not always granted. This, understandably, was extremely frustrated, and he just didn't understand why his articulate requests were not granted - so he whined, screamed, turned red, and acted, in general, like a boy who wasn't getting his way. I saw enough of that this morning before I dropped him off, and I was secretly glad I had already arranged for my mother to watch him. She told me that Big Girl was a delight, and helped her tremendously, and that is fortunate indeed. I don't want to dissuade her from future assistance, as she is so good about watching them to let me work on my dissertation and other non-kid-friendly tasks.

I don't think the food strike is really hurting Two. He still has a nice little belly, despite his refusal to eat so many of the foods offered to him. Said belly is extremely funny when I blow raspberries on it - fantastic giggles guaranteed to interrupt even the most outraged fusser and break him out of his funk.

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