Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How do I know if I should pull the plug?

Hubs and I have been trying to start a new group for parents at our church, to get together once a month for dinner sans kids. We scheduled the first dinner for this Saturday and I began publicizing it about three weeks ago. I had already floated the idea in the abstract starting last spring, and lots of people expressed interest. However, after two weeks of having this publicized in the newsletter, on the backs of bulletins, etc. only one couple told me they would attend.

So on Sunday, I approached numerous people directly, and almost all expressed interest and wanted me to e-mail the information to them. So I did that, and now, most people haven't replied at all. Those who have replied have said they can't come - some are interested but have a conflict this month, and others aren't interested at all (I send out the message to most of the potential members in the congregation). So now, on the Wednesday before the dinner, it's still just Hubs, me, and one other couple.

Should I just cancel this thing? Try again next month? Forget the idea entirely? It's pretty frustrating, because I am making a concerted effort to get this thing going and right now it's going nowhere. I have a lot of personal energy and emotion tied up in this, as well as less personally-vested goals - I don't have a lot of close friends, and I was hoping to get to know some people better through this group - so I just don't know what to do. I feel like the kid who has a party but no one shows. I've been that kid, for real, in the past, and the feeling sucks.


Melissa said...

I vote to still have it with just the other couple. Maybe next month you'll have better luck?

Anonymous said...

I say go out w/ the other couple. It might be fun. Why not?

I wish we had couple friends also but I have absolutely no desire to join a church to find them.

Good luck! I, too, have been the girl who hosts a party to which no one came. :( It's very crappy.

Maybe you just need to give it a bit more time.