Friday, September 12, 2008


Today was payday, and so Big Girl and I went book shopping. First we went by the library and checked out a few, and then we went to the lame bookstore at the local dirt mall, which had a pretty pitiful collection, and finally we hit up the Wal-Mart, since my efforts to locate a copy of Twilight had been unsuccessful at the previous two locations (checked out at the library, natch). I've wanted to read it forever, and now I have my own copy. I'll likely read it this weekend, unless Hubs throws one of his you-love-your-books-more-than-me fits. Yeah, he gets jealous of books. Considering how I get wrapped up in books to the exclusion of all else, I kind of understand, but I still get really annoyed when he does this.

Big Girl has a couple of new McDuff books (he's a cute little white terrier) from the dirt mall bookstore, plus some interesting reads for the weekend. She checked out a book about building a barn for her brother to enjoy as well, thoughtful sister that she is. I only checked out one book - Mary Roach's Stiff, which I've wanted to read for a while - as pretty much everything else I looked for was checked out or not even in the library's collection. The library here is both a wonderful resource and woefully underfunded. Huge circulation numbers, but serious holes in the collection. It makes me sad. I'm on the board of directors, but since I'm not independently wealthy and prepared to fund serious solutions, I fear that any fix will be a long time coming.

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