Saturday, September 20, 2008

And on a much smaller scale...

I found a treasure in the hallway. A small unpopped kernel of popcorn, covered in snot, freshly expelled from the nose of a certain young man. His sister had revealed his transgression, sticking said kernel up his nose, a few minutes earlier. Two gleefully told me "nose!" and "stuck!" and I began freaking out. I tried to get him to blow his nose and he just laughed at me. Hubs said we should wait a while to see if it would come out before going to the emergency room, since Two wasn't in significant discomfort. I spent a while inspecting his nose in the bathroom, with Two perched on the counter so I could get a good view. Then he wandered off toward the den and at some point, in transit, shot it out. He wouldn't blow his nose for me when I asked and held a tissue for him, but he knows how to blow air out of his nose when it's on his terms. And now, his nose is "clean!" and the offending kernel is in the trash.

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