Friday, September 12, 2008

This dog

This dog escaped at some point this afternoon or evening - not sure exactly when - and ran feral about the neighborhood. Truly feral: he discarded his collar during the escape. When I went out late tonight, about forty-five minutes ago, to feed him and his punk companion, I noticed he was missing. I called, whistled, yelled his name - no dog. So I prowled around the house with a flashlight for a few minutes, and then got in my van. And drove slowly around the neighborhood with the windows down, whistling loudly like a fool. If any of the neighbors saw me (most seemed to be asleep, as their houses were dark), they probably thought I was creepy, given how slowly I was driving, and/or insane, given my persistent whistling.

I made two huge loops through the neighborhood and I was just getting ready to pull into the driveway when a big yellow goofball ran up next to the van, grinning and panting. I threw the van into park, hopped out, and for once he came nicely when I beckoned him. I put his collar back on and escorted him back to the back yard. Prodigal pup that he is, he enjoyed a big bowl of kibble and lapped up some fresh water with his dinner. Tomorrow I'll try to figure out how he managed this great escape...

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Nomers said...

One of hubby's and my first dates were spent doing the exact same thing. We looked everywhere for that darn dog, when we finally give up for the night, guess who's setting at the front door. :)